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Record or stream video from all available sources.

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21 Days
7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista / 10 / 2008 Server
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ScreenCamera.Net is a video recorder and a video streaming server with highly customizable content. Users can record or stream customized video content from all monitors, webcams, TV cards, and external devices. With ScreenCamera.Net users can overlay the video output with images, date and time stamps, text stamps, and rss feeds; Users can also play movies, add audio tracks, polygons, and shapes in no other way available on the market today. And more, it comes with a animation technology much similar to Adobe Flash so you can change objects position, color, size, rotation, perspective, all though out a time frame-by-frame fashion. When you use ScreenCamera.Net you add objects in a layer over layer fashion so you can include a webcam feed or a movie or a document or whatever you can see on your PC up on the video output with the click of the mouse, switch from desktop to webcam to movie, all within one mouse touch, like stated before, nothing like ScreenCamera.Net on the market today. It empowers your video authoring abilities. ScreenCamera.Net is a real time video studio with elements that resemble Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash.