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myColor Selector 2.2

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myColor Selector is a handy utility to have when looking at colors for a scene or any other application where you want just the right color to work with.

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7 / XP / Vista
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What this program does is give you the actual R-G-B values from the colors you want. Its useful when you want a shade of blue, for example, that suits your needs but find it hard to use the color windows in other programs to find "just the right color" you want. With this program you can set either your foreground or background to a basic color, then use the slide controls to achieve the color you want.

!!! FREE for Personal and Commercial Use !!!

Please review License and ReadMe files carefully, but you can basically share this app with anyone. 1) Users MAY share, copy or distribute unmodified copies of the myColor Selector package (ZIP). 2) Users MAY NOT reverse engineer, modify or create derivative products from this application.