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PlayPerfect Music Practice Software 0.94

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PlayPerfect Free Music Practice Software to help you stay on tune and tempo.

Select a song from the music library or add your own MIDI or Crescendo file. The software will listen to you play and lets you know how you're doing. Play a song first to know how it should sound. Use the automatic metronome to get your timing perfect. Set the tempo as fast or slow as you need. Notes will change color as you play them to let you how you're doing.

PlayPerfect Free features: * Moving cursor shows your next note. * Notes change color to show if you played them right or wrong. * Set the tempo of the piece you are practicing. * Practice with the built-in metronome to keep the tempo while you play. * Performance reports give you an overall score and statistics on your practice session. * Practice sessions are recorded as .mps files for later review. * Play loaded songs to hear what the music should sound like. * Use the library to save and practice songs.