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Ebay marketing analyse software, Ebay tool v20131120-1751

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General idea about product price, bid, sales value, product detail listing, best sellers and marketing share at various Ebay site.

2. Overall view of competitor all information including competitors products information and top listed products by typing the seller user account.

3. Listing all products quantity in various category.

4. Hot Product search ranking information display in all Ebay category: statistics for all hot product ranking details on ebay , this will help you know what will be the best selling products on Ebay.

5.Product title and keywords suggestion : It study 55 million worldwide auction title, which can help you build a more profitable Ebay title for you. As soon as you enter some keywords, and then add more keyword suggestions to your product title , it will bring the greatest visibility and deal possibility of your item on ebay to boom your bright & powerful business.