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Deathground 1.31

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It was all going so well: Carlo Two Toes decided to retire to Miami Beach, (well, okay, maybe you helped him make up his mind a little - he used to be Carlo Three Toes after all), but he left you his sweet little bookmaking operation before he went.

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The dough was rolling in, your wiseguys were happy as clams in linguini, and you finally found a fedora that fit your unusually shaped head. Life was good.

Then that rat, Don D'Oro started moving in on your rackets on the docks, and Miss DeMeaner developed a thirst for your bootlegging business in Brooklyn. You knew it couldn't last; there are just too many Bosses in this town who want a piece of your action. Well, you'll just have to do something about that, won't you?

This is New York afterall, and this is DEATHGROUND.