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Score A Million II 1.0

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Score A Million is a trivia strategy game that will test your general knowledge as you answer a series of increasingly difficult questions over five levels of play in your quest to complete all levels of the game and Score A Million.

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With 1,000's of questions in 12 different categories, you will be entertained for hours on end.

Score A Million has five levels of play. The first level or row contains five Question Cards, the second level has four cards and continues this progression to the top of the board until the fifth level with just one card. Two Bail Out Cards are displayed on the game board, which allow you to answer two questions incorrectly. Two Hint Cards are also displayed, which when used will eliminate one or more of the possible answers you have to choose from.

The game objective is to successfully answer all of the questions under the Category Cards in the first row in order to go on to the second level of questions. As you continue to progress through each level the number of questions decrease, but the difficulty of the questions increase. The higher the level the more points are awarded for a correct answer. The ultimate goal of the game is to successfully complete all 5 levels and Score A Million.


This game requires a Mac OS 7.x or greater with Power PC or greater, 32MB RAM, and 800 X 600 screen resolution.