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Digital Sentry 1.0

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Digital Sentry is an automated SMTP client that sends e-maio to a user-specified address when you start your Mac.

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10 days
Classic / OS X
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It's also a good way to track usage of your Mac. The IP is part of the e-mail header along with a time and date stamp.

Digital Sentry is a stand-alone program that doesnC"B


System requirements: Macintosh Power PC G3 or higher. This program has been tested with Macintosh OS 9.0 with Open Transport version 2.5.2 and TCP/IP 2.5.2 and with Mac OS 9.1 and a direct connection to the cable modem. (See the FAQ OS 9.1 in the Appendix for more information). Digital Sentry is not a Darwin or Cocoa application, but it will run under the Classic environment on OS X. The program with its Preferences file requires about 1MB of disk space and a RAM size of about 5MB. A permanent Cable or DSL connection is recommended for this program to work in an unattended mode. A router/firewall can be inserted between the cable modem and the computer. It needs a cable or DSL connection to the internet to send the e-mail unattended.