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JPEE Email Utility 4.0

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This e-mail utility has an extensive list of features.

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Classic / OS X

It can parse e-mail addresses from any data source. It supports various parsing filters including those that have been user defined. It provides complete control over extraction parsing rules, including adding allowable characters, the number of allowable digits, and maximum and minimum address lengths. You can even create custom rules for cleaning up consistently malformed list addresses.

You can make personalized parsing scripts that specify a target string with a start and end block followed by a series of rules to extract and format consistent tags or headers from within a raw data file or directory. These can then be added to a list to be exported in a format of your choice.

This also allows removal of a large volume of addresses from a derived file and provides statistics relative to duplicates and malformed addresses.

This has various built-in and user-defined delimiters when exporting lists.

Another major function of this tool is its ability to import, edit, preview, and send HTML mail. You can import one of the 15 provided HTML templates or use your own in a WYSIWYG HTML editor. You can also edit the source directly. There is a preview option as well.

It can perform prompted or automated user authentication for POP and ESMTP mailing with support for encrypting passwords when storing user mail preferences. It can send attachments and verify the domains of e-mail address lists.


    Java Virtual Machine (Default on OS X, MRJ 2.2.5 on Classic)