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MotorNotes 13.1.0

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"When did I last change the oil?

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What does each vehicle in my fleet cost to operate per mile? Did fuel economy improve after replacing the fuel filter? How many miles did I drive for my business last year? When is my vehicle due for service? How much did I spend on fuel, tires, and oil last year?" <p> Answer these questions and many more with MotorNotes, the comprehensive, award winning vehicle management software by Hale Solutions Inc. MotorNotes allows you to log Fuel, Mileage, Service, and more for Vehicles and Drivers. <p> Don't waste time searching through receipts. MotorNotes puts all the information you need at your fingertips for any vehicle: work truck, fleet car, commuter, RV, track car, or motorcycle. <p> Single and multi-user versions are available. MotorNotes is used by customers on six continents. <p> Version 8.7.0 adds the following features: Distance Rate setup and reporting for activities such as tax preparation and reimbursement calculation. Fuel entry may be done by Odometer or by Trip meter. A screen-by-screen help system was added to document the use of each entry field. Date formatting preferences. Minor enhancements to the Report module. <p> Version 8.10.0 adds a Service Planning module, extensive Report module enhancements, printing capability, and other minor improvements. <p> Version 8.11.0 improves the speed of the Distance module and allows for purchase from within the application. <p> Version 9.1.0 supports the Spanish language and most international currencies. Version 9.1.0 also provides alerts for service, registration, and insurance. <p> Version 9.1.0 adds vehicle categorization, improves current odometer handling, and enhances reporting capabilities. <p> Version 9.1.2 increases the maximum quantity of fuel that may be entered. <p> Version 9.3.1 introduces MotorNotes Network & Site Editions which support multiple users with a shared database. <p> Version 9.6.0 introduces the Driver module, supports partial-fill fuel entries, improves preferences, and contains other minor improvements. <p> Version 9.10.0 provides the ability to track vehicle/equipment usage by hours, plan and track service by hours of use, and contains other minor improvements. <p> Version 10.4.0 allows multiple Distance entries per vehicle per day and contains other minor improvements <p> Version 10.9.0 enhances the Report module including export to Excel and PDF <p> Version 10.9.1 corrects a minor defect <p> Version 11.8.0 provides Image management, immediate Service Plans, and contains other minor improvements <p> <p> Version 12.7.0 provides support for PDFs in the Image module, Report enhancements, and contains other minor improvements <p> <p> Version 13.1.0 provides Report enhancements, the ability to track Fuel by Driver, 2013 IRS mileage rates, and contains other minor improvements