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CILe - Client Information Ledger 3.1.2

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CILe is a therapist-developed private/solo practice management software package designed to allow a mental health therapist, or anyone serving clients for whom they must keep careful records, to manage all data-related aspects of their work with their clients.

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It is designed for a single therapist working in a clinic or in private practice, and if the therapist desires, an Admin person for off-site fiscal management, as well.

There are four main menus: Therapy, Administrative, Fiscal, and Client.

All of the features of CILe can be reviewed via the on-line help system at

A few of the features of each menu are listed below: Therapy Menu: Treatment Plan management Missing session notes Client schedule Standing client schedule Therapist statistics

Administrative Menu: Add new client Waiting list management Diagnostic list editing Service Code editing CMS-1500 claim submission

Fiscal Menu: Track visit authorizations Submit electronic claims Track missing claims Income reporting Banking management

Client Menu: Session note Personal and Insurance Information Intake Diagnosis Medications Releases Insurance check tracking Treatment plan wizard Attendance Accounting report Discharge