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DataPilot 4.6

DataPilot for Macintosh allows you to back up your contact information in case you lose, break, or damage your handset.

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10.3 / 10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / OS X

Stay in sync with your Address Book contacts and your iCal appointments. Upload & download ring tones, pictures, and movies free via data cables and edit them using your Mainctosh's iPhoto, iTunes and Quick Time applications. Use your cell phone as a wireless modem and check emails on the go anywhere anytime! Back Up Your Cell Phone Information Have you ever lost, broken or damaged your cell phone?How did you retrieve all those contacts? With DataPilot you can safely back up your contacts on your computer with just one click. You will never lose your most important information again! Transfer and Edit your Cell Phone Information from your Mac Whether you change phones or update your cell phone's address book, manually typing in all those numbers is a very labor-intensive process. DataPilot allows you to conveniently type the cell phone contact information from your Mac and transfer it to your cell phone. You can also transfer your old cell phone's address book to a new one in seconds without any manual intervention! DataPilot automatically converts all cell phone formats into one standard format. Stay in Sync with your Address Book contacts Always on the road and wish you had access to your most important contacts stored in your Address Book contact management software? Is it difficult to keep your cell phone and Address Book updated every time you make a change? DataPilot allows you to keep your cell phone contact information in sync with the Address Book running on your Mac.